Confetti Blue Paving the Way for an Inclusive Tomorrow with Perfume Making Kits for Kids

Confetti Blue Paving the Way for an Inclusive Tomorrow with Perfume Making Kits for Kids

Confetti Blue, one of the leading kids’ craft brands in Australia is making headlines with its perfume-making kits for kids. From gingerbreads to popcorn and peaches, the brand offers a variety of scents to suit the preferences of a large number of kids. What’s most inviting is that their products are 100% safe and made from food-grade materials. 

While at first glance, a perfume making kit may seem like an ordinary toy, the company claims it’s much more than that. With the importance of sensory play being increasingly popularised for kids in modern times, the brand is committed to aiding child development through its kits. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these innovative kits offer children a hands-on experience in the art of perfume making, allowing them to explore and express their unique creativity. But that’s not all folks! Confetti Blue also considers itself proudly neurodiverse, which is evident from its family of icons catered to children with different personalities and abilities.


From the makers voice - 

We are tired of seeing the mainstream media portraying the unseen diversities as negatives. The diversity among kids is a strength, not weakness' says the spokesperson at ConfettiBlue. He further adds “If our products can promote inclusivity for a better future for these kids, rest assured we will dedicate all our might and resources to make sure that every kid who processes the world alternatively is empowered, loved, and represented.” 

Confetti Blue’s kits provide the ultimate play experience!

Designed to accommodate children of varying sensory needs and preferences, Confetting Blue offers an extremely enjoyable learning experience to the kids. From hypoallergenic ingredients to easy-to-follow instructions, every aspect of the kits is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that every child can participate and enjoy the experience to the fullest. These kits serve as a gateway to the imagination for the kids and work wonders in developing their cognitive and sensory skills. Each set of these craft kits for kids contains:


  1. Food-grade scent
  2. Perfume bottle
  3. Reusable box that kids can use to create their own village
  4. Instructions


Mixing tools are sold separately for ease of use, along with free printables that can be used for kids' crafts.


Encouraging Creative Exploration

Confetti Blue’s perfume-making kits not only stimulate sensory play but also encourage creative exploration. By allowing children to mix and match different scents, these kits foster an environment where kids can experiment and learn about the art of fragrance. This process enhances their understanding of olfactory senses and promotes imaginative play, helping children develop a stronger sense of individuality and self-expression.


Diverse and inclusive toys also help build children’s understanding of others. It’s through play that children develop their social and emotional awareness. They can create richer narratives during playtime – using a wider array of characters – which stimulates their cognitive development and nurtures storytelling and creativity. It’s also powerful when they see themselves and their lives reflected in their toys. It builds a sense of belonging and helps them feel good about themselves.


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